The book - Dementia and Mum, who really cares?

Dementia: what is it – forgetfulness? If only the drawbacks were limited to that! Care to learn more about such an incapacitating illness – even what it can be like to care for someone with it?

Some answers and advice are provided in this true story – one centred on my mother’s battle to stave off the inevitable decline for as long as possible. I soon found myself enlisted in the struggle. The help offered was natural enough as a son – but there was no way that I could have anticipated the extent to which my patience, stamina and mental strengths, would all be tested to the limits on a journey that I was privileged to share with my mother. 

Hopefully it will leave you aware that as stressful as the experience may have been at times, nevertheless, being able to provide her that level of care was – above all – extremely rewarding and fulfilling. No guarantees can be offered, but there is a reasonable chance that you too may share in some of my tears and laughter along the way. 

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I teach economics at sixth form level in Gunnersbury School in West London and also teach at the University of Westminster in central London.

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The book is published by Kew Bridge Press.
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